4 ideas to transform an ordinary home into a luxury space

A home that can be considered truly luxurious does not contain only high-end furniture or decorations, but contains a complex ensemble of elements, textures and shapes, which blend together seamlessly for an exclusive look. For such a result, an interior design made by professionals is needed, with premium materials and a clear perspective on the term luxury.

  1. It transforms the home into a more spacious one

Space plays an important role in defining a luxury home. The feeling of depth, generosity and breadth, bring a significant contribution to the creation of a luxury space. Such a sensation can also be provided by the careful use of color shades. Light and noble tones such as ivory can create the impression of a larger space, while also providing openness and familiarity. If the space is extremely generous, the chromatic possibilities are infinite, as long as they respect the complementarity criteria.

  1. Choose the best quality materials for furniture, finishes and decoration

The premium concept represents a set of refined elements that, once implemented, will completely transform your home. Thus, you must pay special attention to the furnishing materials, having as a selection criterion only one aspect: premium quality. This is abundantly found in noble materials such as marble, walnut wood, velvet, silk, leather or even crystal. In addition, such an approach in furnishing gives you the guarantee of durability because all the materials chosen are resistant to time and practical, thus ensuring that you have made a profitable, long-term investment. Our properties tick these criteria.

  1. Accessorize the space with luxury deco elements

In addition to everything listed above, decorative accessories and component materials play an extremely important role in creating a luxury home interior design. Opt for unique accessories or customizable pieces of furniture that add a touch of uniqueness and extravagance. In addition, such objects also give the space an extremely opulent, but at the same time familiar aspect, if you opt for light shades throughout the arrangement. Here is a property in Gafencu 49 with these characteristics.

  1. Add a personal touch

Sumptuous interiors inspired by international architecture, famous monuments and trending decor styles transform any home into a distinct luxury home. Art paintings, voluptuous sculptures placed in the right places can give your home a new touch of luxury. You can add these accessories to your future home. Choose your favorite from the available ones.

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