Top 3 luxury neighborhoods sought by investors in the northern area of Bucharest

The area in which you live is a very important aspect that influences both personal comfort and professional life. We know how important it is to live as close as possible to your office or not miss your evening run.

When it comes to what determines whether an area is good or not to live in, the Capital attracts the most diverse types of people. Thus, we find families with children, investors or business people, expats who have fallen in love with our lands and students who want to build a future here.

However, among the main elements that we all take into account when we want to make the next move or make a real estate investment in a good area, we find: the safety of the area, access to public transport, available medical services, institutions education, investment potential, or distance to work.

The north of Bucharest includes some of the most coveted neighborhoods in the capital. The Northern area of Bucharest has always been a preference of couples and families, investors, expats, celebrities, people working in the North or buyers who wanted to buy a home as close to their workplace and in an area as calm.

The most popular neighborhoods in the northern area of Bucharest are Primaverii, Aviatiei and Băneasa. We invite you to get to know the characteristics of each one for a choice that suits your standards.

Why live in the Spring District?

With a relatively short history of 80 years, the Spring Quarter has seen major transformations. From a working-class neighborhood in the 1930s, to a neighborhood closed to the public, which today has become a residential paradise for the privileged.

Known as one of the best neighborhoods in Bucharest, Primăverii is considered an exclusive, safe, mostly residential neighborhood, where many internationally renowned companies have their headquarters. The exclusive character of the area also contributed to the development of prestigious educational institutions such as the “Jean Monnet” high school.

The neighborhood is in the vicinity of Herăstrău Park, the largest park in Bucharest, and offers a multitude of options for spending free time either in nature, or at one of the many restaurants with traditional food or exclusive specialties from international cuisine.

In terms of prices, the area is residential, suitable for those with a high budget. If you choose to live here, the chances are quite high that you will have as neighbors some of the most famous people in the country and beyond.

Choose the Aviation neighborhood for your next home

The Aviation District is a relatively new one, built after 1980. Low-rise buildings predominate here. This fact contributes, of course, to maintaining a relatively low population density and, implicitly, to an increased degree of safety.

In your free time, you can enjoy the fresh air in Herăstrău Park, which is located near the neighborhood. And if you work in one of the business centers in the area, you will appreciate the short time to work. Another advantage of the area is the shopping options. In the area you have access to a Lidl store, Mega Image, but also Băneasa Shopping Center or Promenada Mall.

Due to its advantageous location, Aviatiei benefits from the metro, quick access to the city center, but also to the large office buildings in the north of Bucharest.

Băneasa – one of the most exclusive residential areas in Bucharest

A relatively new area of Bucharest, the Băneasa neighborhood is an area appreciated by those who live here and travel often for its proximity to the airport. The neighborhood’s popularity is also due to the fact that it was built close to the lake of the same name and the forests near the capital. In addition, it is a 10-minute drive from the city center.

Although it is a new and modern neighborhood, the Băneasa neighborhood preserves true architectural emblems from the past centuries, such as the Nicolae Minovici villa or the English-style villa of the engineer Dumitru Minovici, unique in architecture in Romania.

If you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, either walking or cycling through the forest, the Baneasa area is the perfect choice for you.

One of the most important features is neighborhood safety. Each residential complex benefits from secure access, barriers, complying with the gated community principle. Access to the neighborhoods can be done by bus or airport train.

Our team has in its portfolio exclusive properties in these areas, so we expect you to schedule a viewing today at 0734.111.444. We help you choose what suits you.

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